Gustavo Kuerten named new Lacoste Ambassador

Brazilian tennis star, Gustavo Kuerten has been named the new Lacoste Ambassador for the next five years, and he will appear in Lacoste’s “unconventional chic” campaign.  Here’s the press release

Lacoste has announced Brazilian tennis player Gustavo Kuerten as its new ambassador for five years and will be featured in the new “Unconventional Chic” advertising campaign. The Brazilian tennis champion embodies perfectly the Crocodile brand’s values of relaxed elegance, style and “joie de vivre”.

Renowned for his impressive tennis career, Gustavo Kuerten – also known as Guga – shares with LACOSTE a very special link with French Open “Roland Garros”. The stadium was indeed built in the 1920s to welcome the Davis Cup won by the Four Musketeers including René Lacoste, the founder of the brand. Years after, Gustavo Kuerten won the prestigious French Open three times, in 1997, 2000 and 2001 and established a strong relationship with the audience by drawing a heart on the clay court after his last victory.















“When I was young, Roland Garros and LACOSTE were part of my dreams. Today I live this spectacular reality, it’s another magical lifetime experience” says Gustavo Kuerten, “I am very proud to become a LACOSTE ambassador. For me, LACOSTE is a reference in term of style and elegance.”

“We are very pleased to welcome Gustavo in the LACOSTE family of ambassadors.”, says Christophe Chenut, CEO of LACOSTE. “He is one of the greatest tennis champions ever. His personality and his involvement in numerous charity activities are impressive. He has talent; he has heart, incredible charisma and an unforgettable smile.”

Relying on its authentic sporting roots, LACOSTE is represented today by more than a hundred tennis and golf champions from over 20 different countries. With a strong sponsorship presence, the brand reinforces its heritage in tennis and golf through world renowned events such as the Australian Open, the Roland Garros French Open, the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, the Alstom Open de France and the Evian Masters.


Adrien Brody is the New Face of Lacoste

Adrien Brody for LacosteLacoste announced today that Adrien Brody would be the new face of their spring collection:

This Spring, the Oscar-winning actor becomes the face of Lacoste’s new campaign.

Audacious, elegant, original and not afraid to go against conventions,  Adrien Brody shares personality traits with Rene Lacoste, founder of the brand and tennis champion of the 1920s.

He is Unconventional Chic.

You can see an interview with Brody here.

More on Anders Breivik and Lacoste

As we previously reported in our post titled Lacoste wants Anders Brevik to Stop Wearing Their Brand, Ander Breivik’s penchant for wearing Lacoste has been a nightmare for the brand. In response, Lacoste has supposedly pressured Norwegian police to stop him from wearing their apparel at his court appearances.  Unfortunately for Lacoste, there appears to be no way to stop him from doing so. Reportedly, for most of his court appearances, Breivik is refusing to wear anything other than his red Lacoste sweater.  Well before he committed his crime, Brevik posted the following statement about Lacoste to his website:

“People like me are refined in short supply here, so I noticed that I draw much attention That’s the way I dress. There are mainly people with little refined or not grown here. I wear the best clothes mainly from my past life, that is to say, very expensive clothes, sweatshirts Lacoste.”

There is one sign of hope for Lacoste, though. At one recent hearing about whether he should be released from solitary confinement, Breivik did wear a suit. However, that gain is probably more than offset by the fact that the news report about the hearing, made much of the fact that Brevik “had shed his signature red Lacoste shirt, instead appearing in a suit and tie.” That adjective can’t be very pleasing to Lacoste.

For more details on the story, you can go here. and here.

Lacoste Wants Mass Murderer Anders Breivik Banned From Wearing Their Brand

Anders Wearing LacosteLacoste is aghast at the news that mass murderer Anders Breivik keeps wearing their shirts to court. Reportedly, Anders, who is charged with 77 murders, has stated that Lacoste is his favorite brand. Afraid that the association with Anders will hurt their brand, Lacoste has asked the Norwegian police to ban  Anders from wearing their clothes. You can read more at Lacoste brand ‘seeking Anders Breivik clothes ban.’