Lacoste Collaboration With K-Pop Group ITZY Causes Excitement!

According to Sportskeeda, the recent collaboration between the K-pop group ITZY and the iconic French brand Lacoste has created significant excitement in the fashion world. This partnership, featured on W Korea’s Instagram feed, is a fusion of ITZY’s vibrant energy and Lacoste’s classic, sporty aesthetic. Fans have expressed immense appreciation and excitement for this collaboration, emphasizing the strong connection between ITZY and its fanbase.

The campaign, which celebrates Lacoste’s 90th anniversary, is part of a broader initiative that showcases diverse subcultural scenes worldwide. These include vintage lovers in Tokyo, streetwear enthusiasts in São Paulo, amateur athletes in Seoul, and French hip hop aficionados, demonstrating how Lacoste’s legacy resonates with various communities. This global dialogue highlights the brand’s widespread appeal and its capacity to adapt to different cultural contexts.

Notably, the collaboration between ITZY and Lacoste is seen as a symbol of cultural fusion and a reflection of the evolving fashion industry, where music and style converge to create new trends. This partnership is not just a fashion statement but represents the intersection of a historic brand with the dynamic energy of one of today’s most popular K-pop groups, offering fans a fresh perspective while maintaining the essences of both the brand and the group.

However, it’s important to note that ITZY member Lia will not be participating in the campaign due to a health-related hiatus. Fans have expressed their support for the other members while wishing Lia a speedy recovery.

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How To Detect Fake Ralph Lauren Polo Sneakers And Shoes

Counterfeit products are an issue across various brands, and Ralph Lauren sneakers are no exception. Identifying fake Ralph Lauren sneakers involves a combination of visual inspections and comparisons to authentic products. Here are some key points to consider when trying to determine if a pair of Ralph Lauren sneakers is genuine:

  1. Examine the Logo: Authentic Ralph Lauren products often feature a polo player riding a horse logo. On counterfeit items, the mallet held by the rider tends to be more circular than rectangular, the horse’s tail may be difficult to see, and the horse’s right back leg might appear bent.【1
  2. Molded Branding: Authentic Polo Ralph Lauren shoes usually have “Polo” molded onto the lower heel, surrounded by a rectangular shaped outline. Additionally, the inside sole of the shoe, particularly in the heel area, should display the “Ralph Lauren” logo. Significant deviations from these specifics are red flags for counterfeit products.【2
  3. SKU Number Consistency: All authentic sneakers come with an SKU number, which can be found on labels inside the shoes. This number should match the one on the box of the shoes. If there is a discrepancy between these numbers, it’s a strong indication that the sneakers might be fake.【3
  4. Stitching Quality: The stitching on authentic sneakers is usually precise and even. Counterfeit sneakers, on the other hand, often have less accurate and uneven stitching. This is because counterfeit manufacturers may cut corners to save costs, impacting the quality of stitching.【4

By paying attention to these details, you can increase your chances of distinguishing authentic Ralph Lauren sneakers from counterfeit ones. It’s important to buy from reputable sources and to be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true, as they often are indicators of counterfeit products.

High Snobiety On The Meaning of Lacoste’s New Lineshot Line of Sneakers

In a recent article, High Snobiety discusses Lacoste‘s innovative approach in transforming tennis wear with its new sneaker product, the Lineshot. According to High Snobiety, the transformation of tennis from an exclusive sport to a globally accessible and inclusive activity is the backdrop for Lacoste’s latest innovation in tennis wear. Historically, tennis was a sport for the suburban elite, but it has evolved into a game for everyone, thanks in part to more affordable equipment and the proliferation of tennis courts in diverse locations. This shift has been accompanied by a greater inclusivity within the tennis community, breaking down racial and gender barriers and introducing adaptive programs for players with limited mobility.

Lineshot Sneaker

Lacoste, a brand deeply rooted in tennis history, is contributing to this evolving tennis landscape with the introduction of the Lineshot. This product represents a significant departure from traditional tennis uniforms, reflecting Lacoste’s vision of blending style with functionality. The Lineshot is not just a shoe but a symbol of the brand’s commitment to tennis’s ongoing evolution, drawing inspiration from Lacoste’s vast archive and tennis’s Golden Age in the 1990s. This approach showcases Lacoste’s ability to adapt to and lead in the contemporary sportswear market, demonstrating a fusion of heritage and modern sensibilities.

The design of the Lineshot is a unique amalgamation of elements from three iconic 90s Lacoste tennis shoes: the Ace OG, the Thunder OG, and the Game OG. It combines the distinct aesthetics of these styles into a new silhouette that reflects the ethos of the 90s while being suited for modern requirements. With features like top-of-the-line ventilation, a leather toe bumper, and a pivot point in the outsole, the Lineshot stays true to its functional origins in tennis. It bridges Lacoste’s storied tennis past with a forward-looking perspective, ensuring it appeals to both tennis enthusiasts and those who appreciate the evolution of sports footwear.

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Women’s Wear Daily Publishes A Summary of Lacoste’s Year

In an article entitled “Lacoste Tails Off Anniversary Year With Lemarié and The Sandbox Collaborations”, Women’s Wear Daily discusses Lacoste’s initiatives to celebrate its 90th anniversary, highlighting collaborations and future plans. Key points include:

  1. Lemarié Collaboration: Lacoste collaborated with Maison Lemarié, a Chanel-owned atelier, creating an eight-piece capsule to be exhibited at Lacoste Arena in Paris. This collection includes unique pieces like a polo shirt with multicolored crocodiles and a sequined sweatshirt. After the exhibition, these items will join Lacoste’s patrimony and be showcased globally.
  2. The Sandbox Partnership: Lacoste extends its anniversary celebrations to the virtual world through a partnership with The Sandbox, a virtual gaming platform. This includes an immersive digital experience on Lacoste Island, featuring different global locales and opportunities for players to win prizes and collect digital items.
  3. Brand Evolution and Community Engagement: Deputy CEO Catherine Spindler emphasized Lacoste’s effort to honor its community, noting the brand’s skill in balancing heritage with modernity. The anniversary year highlighted Lacoste’s cultural impact and its success in attracting new generations while retaining loyal customers.
  4. Future Focus: Looking ahead to 2024, Lacoste plans to continue emphasizing its historical roots in sports, especially tennis, and its fashion identity. This includes developing high-potential categories like women’s wear, footwear, and fragrances.
  5. New Fragrance Line: Lacoste and Interparfums SA have agreed on a 15-year perfume license, starting January 1, 2024. This partnership will focus on developing new lines, including a men’s collection.

The article underscores Lacoste’s commitment to blending tradition with innovation, maintaining its iconic status while exploring new avenues like digital platforms and expanding its product range. Read more at

Lacoste Launches New Collaboration with Sporty & Rich

Lacoste, has joined forces with the up-and-coming sportswear brand, Sporty & Rich, to introduce a unique collection that revives Lacoste’s signature styles from the 1970s and 1980s. Comprising 22 distinct pieces, the collection offers a diverse range of items such as tracksuits, sweatshirts, pleated skirts, tank tops, jumpsuits, hats, and the timeless polo shirts. The collection was thoughtfully curated by the creative minds of Louis Trotter, Lacoste’s former creative director, and Emily Oberg, the founder of Sporty & Rich.

Lacoste Sporty and Rich Logo

Sporty & Rich has garnered a reputation for its tennis-inspired collections, which include an ongoing collaboration with Prince Tennis. The newly launched collection with Lacoste effectively taps into this sports-focused ethos and marries it with Lacoste’s own tennis-inspired styles from its archives. The collection seamlessly integrates the iconic iconography of Sporty & Rich with Lacoste’s globally recognized crocodile logo. Highlighted pieces from this line include a white pleated tennis skirt, a light blue halter crop top with matching shorts, and a range of polo shirts.

Emily Oberg, the creative force behind Sporty & Rich, revealed that the collaboration with Lacoste was a natural and smooth process due to the shared vision and aesthetic sensibilities of both brands. The team sifted through Lacoste’s archives from the ’70s and ’80s and selected their favored styles, which were then revamped and adapted to appeal to contemporary customers. Oberg elaborated that the collection embodies a fusion of tennis and holiday styles, making it an ideal choice for both on-court and off-court scenarios.

Since its inception five years ago, Sporty & Rich has established a strong track record of successful collaborations with renowned brands like Adidas, Solid & Striped, and Clark’s. The brand is gearing up for its second collaborative launch with Adidas next month. Oberg perceives these collaborations as an integral part of Sporty & Rich’s growth strategy, as they enable the brand to reach and resonate with a wider audience.

The Lacoste x Sporty & Rich collection is a harmonious blend of vintage-inspired and contemporary styles that are likely to captivate both fashion connoisseurs and sports enthusiasts. The collection can be accessed and purchased on Lacoste’s official website and selected retail outlets across the globe.

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