Detecting Counterfeit Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts in 2024

Ralph Lauren Polo LogoUpdated March, 15, 2024

The more popular the Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt becomes, the more likely counterfeiters are to create fake shirts to make easy money. So, just as I have done for Lacoste, I’ve created this page on easy methods to detect knock-off Ralph Lauren shirts. For detecting counterfeit clothing, here are the main things to check:

1) Check the Logo – Most fake Ralph Lauren shirts have cheaply made logos that are uniform in texture. On a legitimate Ralph Lauren logo, regardless if it is a single color or has multiple colors, you will be ably to clearly distinguish the riders arm and leg and the horse’s harness. If the logo is flat with no details it is a fake.

Ralph Lauren Mono-Color Polo Logo

2) Check the Label – The largest label will always say “Polo by Ralph Lauren”  or “Polo” on one line, and “Ralph Lauren” below it. It will be sewn on with thread that matches the shirt color. There will also often be two smaller labels – one to the right with details of manufacture and sizing and one under the main label with cut information. These labels are almost always silver on blue.

Ralph Lauren Polo Label

3) Shirt Cut and Sewing – On all genuine, custom-fit Ralph Lauren polo shirts, the tail of the shirt will be longer than the front of the shirt.  Most counterfeits are uniform in length. All genuine polo shirts will also have neatly sewn sleeve ends and shirt hems in a matching color thread.  Counterfeits often lack this hemming

4) Buttons – Genuine shirts usually have plain mother of pearl style round buttons that are sewn on well with little to no extra thread. Fakes often have cheaper buttons that are badly sewn on.

5) NIF Number – All new Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts will have an NIF number on the care tag.

If your shirt passes all of these tests it is most likely a genuine Ralph Lauren polo shirt.