Lacoste Launching New Ad Campaign With Tag Line “Life Is A Beautiful Sport”

Lacoste previewed its new ad campaign, with the tag line “Life is a Beautiful Sport,” at a party held last Friday as part of Paris men’s fashion week. The campaign premiers on French television on February 7 the same day as the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, because French athletes will be wearing outfits designed by Lacoste during the ceremony.

Life is a Beautiful Sport

You can read more details about the campaign launch at Women’s Wear Daily.

What is Lacoste’s New Tagline?

So, officially Lacoste’s new tagline is “Life is a Beautiful Sport,” but on Lacoste’s Twitter feed it appears to be “2014 is Beautiful, or even “Live Beautifully.” Those are all very different things.  See the tweet below:

Lacoste Tweet Photo

Lacoste’s 80th Anniversary Brand Show in Manila

As part of its 80th anniversary celebration, Lacoste is unveiling a unique “cubist” brand show in Manila. It will be on display at the Shangri-La Plazas East Atrium from January 10-12 and January 14-16, 2014. According to Business World Weekender, the display consists of three cubes containing photos and artifacts from the company’s history:

The first cube showcases the iconic polo shirt, with a carefully curated collection of polos over the years, including the Holiday Collector’s Series, where each year since 2006, the brand features guest artists to reimagine the classic polo. A film loop tell the story of the iconic L.12.12 polo shirt, the brand’s evolution through the decades, and the Polo of the Future.

The second cube contains a cabinet of Crocodile Curiosities: the various shapes and sizes, colors and contexts that the Lacoste crocodile logo has adopted and adapted to over the decades during its natural evolution.

The third cube houses a collection of images from the brand archives with film clips of current Creative Director Felipe Oliveira Baptista and Design Director Christophe Pillet. Outside the cube, a window showcases tennis dresses from the 1970s when the brand started seriously producing women’s sportswear.

I’m hoping the display comes to California some time, so I can see it, myself.

Lacoste Spring 2014 Gallery

The New York Post has a great gallery from the Lacoste Spring 2014 fashion show. You can see it here. My feelings are pretty mixed about the 2014 line, but I will cover that in more detail later.  For now, I will just note that The Examiner called the Spring 2014 line “Sheer delights from Lacoste,” which is play on the number of sheer fabrics used.  As the examiner noted:

Portuguese Baptista does French founder René Lacoste’s legacy justice in this collection which offers up feminine creations featuring sheer, gossamer like paneling with opaque sections to preserve modesty in everything from suits to tunic dresses.

The Lacoste Spring 2014 color palette has its favorites such as blush pink, peach, peacock blue, beige, cinnamon brown, hunter green and white.

Sadly, I don’t think the average person is going to be wearing these unless they get a lot less sheer.


Gustavo Kuerten named new Lacoste Ambassador

Brazilian tennis star, Gustavo Kuerten has been named the new Lacoste Ambassador for the next five years, and he will appear in Lacoste’s “unconventional chic” campaign.  Here’s the press release

Lacoste has announced Brazilian tennis player Gustavo Kuerten as its new ambassador for five years and will be featured in the new “Unconventional Chic” advertising campaign. The Brazilian tennis champion embodies perfectly the Crocodile brand’s values of relaxed elegance, style and “joie de vivre”.

Renowned for his impressive tennis career, Gustavo Kuerten – also known as Guga – shares with LACOSTE a very special link with French Open “Roland Garros”. The stadium was indeed built in the 1920s to welcome the Davis Cup won by the Four Musketeers including René Lacoste, the founder of the brand. Years after, Gustavo Kuerten won the prestigious French Open three times, in 1997, 2000 and 2001 and established a strong relationship with the audience by drawing a heart on the clay court after his last victory.















“When I was young, Roland Garros and LACOSTE were part of my dreams. Today I live this spectacular reality, it’s another magical lifetime experience” says Gustavo Kuerten, “I am very proud to become a LACOSTE ambassador. For me, LACOSTE is a reference in term of style and elegance.”

“We are very pleased to welcome Gustavo in the LACOSTE family of ambassadors.”, says Christophe Chenut, CEO of LACOSTE. “He is one of the greatest tennis champions ever. His personality and his involvement in numerous charity activities are impressive. He has talent; he has heart, incredible charisma and an unforgettable smile.”

Relying on its authentic sporting roots, LACOSTE is represented today by more than a hundred tennis and golf champions from over 20 different countries. With a strong sponsorship presence, the brand reinforces its heritage in tennis and golf through world renowned events such as the Australian Open, the Roland Garros French Open, the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, the Alstom Open de France and the Evian Masters.


Lacoste Launches New “Rouge” Fragrance for Men

lacoste rouge fragranceLacoste has launched a new addition to their men’s fragrance line called Rouge. The fragrance is based on a blend of three spices: ginger, black pepper and cardamom. It also includes acacia wood, golden Laos benzoin and labdanum. The result is supposed to be a masculine, energetic scent. You can read highly positive reviews of the new fragrance at and Forbes, and you can buy it here.

Rouge is the latest addition to Lacoste’s line of men’s perfumes which previously included Blanc, Bleu and Vert.  I’ve not been able to find good sales figures for Lacoste’s perfume line, but you have to wonder if this is one brand extension too far.