Lacoste Goes Mad For Plaid, I’m a Lot Less Enthusiastic

I recently received an email from Lacoste touting their new plaid shirts for men. “Plaid Attitude,” it read, “Bold lines and original patterns are on display in stunning new styles for him.”  Stunning new styles is right. Some of these shirts are less than attractive, and plaid really doesn’t say Lacoste to me.  I don’t see them being attractive to the average Lacoste buyer, and I don’t see how loud checks fit into the Lacoste brand. Anyway, if you are interested, you can check out the Plaid page on Shop Lacoste.

More on Anders Breivik and Lacoste

As we previously reported in our post titled Lacoste wants Anders Brevik to Stop Wearing Their Brand, Ander Breivik’s penchant for wearing Lacoste has been a nightmare for the brand. In response, Lacoste has supposedly pressured Norwegian police to stop him from wearing their apparel at his court appearances.  Unfortunately for Lacoste, there appears to be no way to stop him from doing so. Reportedly, for most of his court appearances, Breivik is refusing to wear anything other than his red Lacoste sweater.  Well before he committed his crime, Brevik posted the following statement about Lacoste to his website:

“People like me are refined in short supply here, so I noticed that I draw much attention That’s the way I dress. There are mainly people with little refined or not grown here. I wear the best clothes mainly from my past life, that is to say, very expensive clothes, sweatshirts Lacoste.”

There is one sign of hope for Lacoste, though. At one recent hearing about whether he should be released from solitary confinement, Breivik did wear a suit. However, that gain is probably more than offset by the fact that the news report about the hearing, made much of the fact that Brevik “had shed his signature red Lacoste shirt, instead appearing in a suit and tie.” That adjective can’t be very pleasing to Lacoste.

For more details on the story, you can go here. and here.

Deciphering The Model Number on a Lacoste Price Tag

Lacoste pink poloIf you buy a legitimate Lacoste shirt, it’s price tage should have a model number, made up of 4 parts. For men’s shirts, the model number should begin with one of these codes:

L1212 – short sleeve pique
L1312 – long sleeve pique

For women’s shirts, the model number should begin with one of these codes:

PF168 or PF168E – short sleeve stretch pique
PF368E – classic long sleeve pique

The next part of the model number  is a two digit number representing where the shirt is manufactured. In the US, it should be 51, meaning the shirt was made in Peru.  There are different numbers for India and Europe.

The third part of the model number is a three digit  or letter code representing the cole. Some examples of colors are:

001 – white
031 – black
166 – navy
107 – yellow
240 – red
132 – green
476 – bordeaux
TO3 – flamingo
NSX – lawn green
TO1 – till blue
8LX – pearl
NXU – coastal blue
CBK – aegean blue

Lastly, there is a two digit code representing the size, as follows:

T3 – XS
T4 – S
T5 – M
T6 – L
T7 – XL
T8 – XXL

Thus, a Men’s short sleeve pique yellow Peru made shirt in size small should read: L1212 51 107 T4

More Lacoste Fashion Week Roundup

Here’s a wider sampling of the reaction to the show featuring Lacoste’s new Spring/Summer line for 2012.

The New York Times said “Felipe Oliveira Baptista had a nice debut at Lacoste this morning with a collection that featured women’s looks largely based on rugby shirts …”

The Telegraph said “Felipe Oliveira Baptista’s first collection for Lacoste offered more than sporty loungewear for tennis widows.”

Elle said “At the Lacoste show this morning, there were still the polo shirts and the crisp, tennis court-ready pants that made it a household name—but if the collection proved anything, it’s that the label isn’t afraid of change.”

Lastly, FabSugar said “Felipe Oliveira Baptista redefined the term “sport chic” today for his debut as the creative director of French sportif brand Lacoste at New York Fashion Week.”

Overall, reaction to the new line seems to have been very positive.


Lacoste Wants Mass Murderer Anders Breivik Banned From Wearing Their Brand

Anders Wearing LacosteLacoste is aghast at the news that mass murderer Anders Breivik keeps wearing their shirts to court. Reportedly, Anders, who is charged with 77 murders, has stated that Lacoste is his favorite brand. Afraid that the association with Anders will hurt their brand, Lacoste has asked the Norwegian police to ban  Anders from wearing their clothes. You can read more at Lacoste brand ‘seeking Anders Breivik clothes ban.’