Women’s Wear Daily Publishes A Summary of Lacoste’s Year

In an article entitled “Lacoste Tails Off Anniversary Year With Lemarié and The Sandbox Collaborations”, Women’s Wear Daily discusses Lacoste’s initiatives to celebrate its 90th anniversary, highlighting collaborations and future plans. Key points include:

  1. Lemarié Collaboration: Lacoste collaborated with Maison Lemarié, a Chanel-owned atelier, creating an eight-piece capsule to be exhibited at Lacoste Arena in Paris. This collection includes unique pieces like a polo shirt with multicolored crocodiles and a sequined sweatshirt. After the exhibition, these items will join Lacoste’s patrimony and be showcased globally.
  2. The Sandbox Partnership: Lacoste extends its anniversary celebrations to the virtual world through a partnership with The Sandbox, a virtual gaming platform. This includes an immersive digital experience on Lacoste Island, featuring different global locales and opportunities for players to win prizes and collect digital items.
  3. Brand Evolution and Community Engagement: Deputy CEO Catherine Spindler emphasized Lacoste’s effort to honor its community, noting the brand’s skill in balancing heritage with modernity. The anniversary year highlighted Lacoste’s cultural impact and its success in attracting new generations while retaining loyal customers.
  4. Future Focus: Looking ahead to 2024, Lacoste plans to continue emphasizing its historical roots in sports, especially tennis, and its fashion identity. This includes developing high-potential categories like women’s wear, footwear, and fragrances.
  5. New Fragrance Line: Lacoste and Interparfums SA have agreed on a 15-year perfume license, starting January 1, 2024. This partnership will focus on developing new lines, including a men’s collection.

The article underscores Lacoste’s commitment to blending tradition with innovation, maintaining its iconic status while exploring new avenues like digital platforms and expanding its product range. Read more at https://wwd.com/fashion-news/fashion-features/lacoste-90-years-anniversary-finale-maison-lemarie-the-sandbox-catherine-spindler-1235950519/