High Snobiety On The Meaning of Lacoste’s New Lineshot Line of Sneakers

In a recent article, High Snobiety discusses Lacoste‘s innovative approach in transforming tennis wear with its new sneaker product, the Lineshot. According to High Snobiety, the transformation of tennis from an exclusive sport to a globally accessible and inclusive activity is the backdrop for Lacoste’s latest innovation in tennis wear. Historically, tennis was a sport for the suburban elite, but it has evolved into a game for everyone, thanks in part to more affordable equipment and the proliferation of tennis courts in diverse locations. This shift has been accompanied by a greater inclusivity within the tennis community, breaking down racial and gender barriers and introducing adaptive programs for players with limited mobility.

Lineshot Sneaker

Lacoste, a brand deeply rooted in tennis history, is contributing to this evolving tennis landscape with the introduction of the Lineshot. This product represents a significant departure from traditional tennis uniforms, reflecting Lacoste’s vision of blending style with functionality. The Lineshot is not just a shoe but a symbol of the brand’s commitment to tennis’s ongoing evolution, drawing inspiration from Lacoste’s vast archive and tennis’s Golden Age in the 1990s. This approach showcases Lacoste’s ability to adapt to and lead in the contemporary sportswear market, demonstrating a fusion of heritage and modern sensibilities.

The design of the Lineshot is a unique amalgamation of elements from three iconic 90s Lacoste tennis shoes: the Ace OG, the Thunder OG, and the Game OG. It combines the distinct aesthetics of these styles into a new silhouette that reflects the ethos of the 90s while being suited for modern requirements. With features like top-of-the-line ventilation, a leather toe bumper, and a pivot point in the outsole, the Lineshot stays true to its functional origins in tennis. It bridges Lacoste’s storied tennis past with a forward-looking perspective, ensuring it appeals to both tennis enthusiasts and those who appreciate the evolution of sports footwear.

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