Lacoste Begins Re-Opening Stores in the United States

Lacoste Store in Buenos AiresWomen’s Wear Daily reports:

Lacoste has begun reopening its U.S. boutiques and outlet location by implementing a slew of new operational guidelines. Eight locations throughout Texas were the first to reopen May 8, followed by additional stores in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio on May 15. Others will reopen as local mandates allow.

Lacoste is also taking two major steps to reassure customers. First, “each store will follow a cleaning and disinfecting process prior to opening and also mid-day” using a professional cleaning service. Secondly, Lacoste will be offering real-time data to their customers:

Customers will be able to scan QR codes within the retail stores that will give them live updates on how many times and when the retail store was last professionally cleaned and sanitized, as well as the store’s current capacity so it does not exceed its threshold.

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Lacoste doubles mask production to 200,000 for Covid-19 Response

TR Business reports that Lacoste has doubled their production of masks to 200,000 as part of their Covid-19 response:

Praising the work of its factory employees and ‘daily heroes’ in France and Argentina, Thierry Guibert, CEO, Lacoste said: “From the merchants in the Troyes region of France to the medical workers in the San Juan region of Argentina, our teams have been critical for the unprecedented production, allowing us to contribute to the protection of essential workers.

“I’d like to take this moment to express my gratitude to them and to all Lacoste teams around the world.”

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Lacoste and Other Fashion Brands Are Launching Digital Workshops & Live Q&As

Lacoste Crocodile 1927Elle has put together a list of all the fashion brands that are trying to connect to their fans virtually. As Elle puts it:

fashion brands, used to offering seasonal inspiration when it comes to our wardrobes, are now channelling their creativity elsewhere and inspiring us in new ways. From live-streamed cooking classes to celebrity Q&As, as well as podcasts to play while we fire off emails, here are all the ways to connect with your favourite brands during lockdown.

Lacoste is one of the brands trying to connect by inviting their Instagram followers to showcase their creativity with its #crocodraw project, asking followers to draw or handcraft their own Lacoste crocodile. The rule is simple: create your own crocodile by drawing or handcrafting and post on Instagram stories or feeds with @Lacoste and #CrocoDraw. Winners will be announced on their Instagram over the coming days and will win a special prize.

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An Update on Coverage of Lacoste’s COVID-19 Response

Lacoste 1970S Ad LogoHere’s a round-up of all the latest coverage of Lacoste’s production of masks in their factories.  TRBusiness reports in a story entitled “Lacoste set to double mask production as it continues fight against Covid-19” that Lacoste issued a press release:

Praising its Turkish partner (EREN Holding) and Argentinian factory workers, which are playing a key role in the manufacture of the medical masks and gowns the company added: “Every gesture counts to defeat this pandemic. Lacoste will continue its efforts to produce masks beyond April, for as long as the health situation requires.”

The brand, which revealed two production lines will be dedicated to this protective equipment at its Troyes factory in France concluded: “Thank you very much and I count on you to celebrate some of those who have particularly made our brand proud in the fight against the Covid-19.”

In another official statement Lacoste committed to supporting its employees during the crisis:

“We know how deeply the spread of the Coronavirus is impacting our lives and how much it is a factor of uncertainty for everyone. In order to play our role as best we can in these uncertain times and to be true to our values of solidarity and teamwork, we have chosen to maintain the salaries of all Lacoste employees throughout the world at 100 percent of their fixed salary for both months of March and April 2020. This decision also applies to MF Brands Group’s other entities …”

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Lacoste Makes 100,000 Masks In Corona Virus Response

Lacoste Store WindowLacoste revealed Friday that volunteer workers at its historic factory in Troyes, France, produced 100,000 masks in recent weeks and they are being donated to essential businesses and nursing homes. The French lifestyle brand announced on Instagram that it had reached the impressive milestone with its production of masks:

“The commitment of Lacoste teams in the support to fight against the spread of the coronavirus is as strong as ever.”

The company has also committed to increase production and produce 200,000 masks in the near future to help curb the spread of the coronavirus and aid front-line workers.

In a statement, Lacoste said it would produce masks as long as the health situation calls for it, dedicating two production lines to produce protective equipment.

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