Lacoste Spring 2014 Gallery

The New York Post has a great gallery from the Lacoste Spring 2014 fashion show. You can see it here. My feelings are pretty mixed about the 2014 line, but I will cover that in more detail later.  For now, I will just note that The Examiner called the Spring 2014 line “Sheer delights from Lacoste,” which is play on the number of sheer fabrics used.  As the examiner noted:

Portuguese Baptista does French founder René Lacoste’s legacy justice in this collection which offers up feminine creations featuring sheer, gossamer like paneling with opaque sections to preserve modesty in everything from suits to tunic dresses.

The Lacoste Spring 2014 color palette has its favorites such as blush pink, peach, peacock blue, beige, cinnamon brown, hunter green and white.

Sadly, I don’t think the average person is going to be wearing these unless they get a lot less sheer.