Loic Prigent Interviews Louise Trotter, Lacoste’s Creative Director

Loic Prigent has an interview with Louise Trotter, Lacoste’s Creative Director. You can see the video of it on Loic’s Youtube Channel. Here is how he describes the video:

LACOSTE is shooting its new Summer 2021 collection in the streets of Paris and we take time to talk with its creative director, the great Louise Trotter and her team! We also go the the Maison Lemarié worshop to see Lucie, a fleuriste plumassière spending hours on her origami crocodile made of vintage Lacoste labels. Lemarié (Le19M) and Lacoste are working together for the first time. Watch out for a hardcore Lacoste collection! I just need the coat made of a patchwork of vintage Lacoste jackets!