Fortune Article on How Lacoste Retooled Its Brand

Gold Lacoste Crocodile Fortune has published an article on how Lacoste retooled its brand and once again made it fashionable:
Back in the 1980s, Lacoste polo shirts were so ubiquitous in North America that the French brand’s popularity sparked a backlash, captured by the saying, “Save an alligator, kill a prep.”

The detractors were referring to the wrong reptile (Lacoste’s logo features a crocodile, not a gator). But their derision reflected a Lacoste-mania that has since proved to be the brand’s high-water mark in pop culture. Lacoste hit a long lull a few years ago, hurt by an overexposure that damaged its cachet and a misguided attempt to be a fashion brand

Today, however, Lacoste is perking up again

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