Lacoste Launching New Ad Campaign With Tag Line “Life Is A Beautiful Sport”

Lacoste previewed its new ad campaign, with the tag line “Life is a Beautiful Sport,” at a party held last Friday as part of Paris men’s fashion week. The campaign premiers on French television on February 7 the same day as the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, because French athletes will be wearing outfits designed by Lacoste during the ceremony.

Life is a Beautiful Sport

You can read more details about the campaign launch at Women’s Wear Daily.

What is Lacoste’s New Tagline?

So, officially Lacoste’s new tagline is “Life is a Beautiful Sport,” but on Lacoste’s Twitter feed it appears to be “2014 is Beautiful, or even “Live Beautifully.” Those are all very different things.  See the tweet below:

Lacoste Tweet Photo

Lacoste’s 80th Anniversary Brand Show in Manila

As part of its 80th anniversary celebration, Lacoste is unveiling a unique “cubist” brand show in Manila. It will be on display at the Shangri-La Plazas East Atrium from January 10-12 and January 14-16, 2014. According to Business World Weekender, the display consists of three cubes containing photos and artifacts from the company’s history:

The first cube showcases the iconic polo shirt, with a carefully curated collection of polos over the years, including the Holiday Collector’s Series, where each year since 2006, the brand features guest artists to reimagine the classic polo. A film loop tell the story of the iconic L.12.12 polo shirt, the brand’s evolution through the decades, and the Polo of the Future.

The second cube contains a cabinet of Crocodile Curiosities: the various shapes and sizes, colors and contexts that the Lacoste crocodile logo has adopted and adapted to over the decades during its natural evolution.

The third cube houses a collection of images from the brand archives with film clips of current Creative Director Felipe Oliveira Baptista and Design Director Christophe Pillet. Outside the cube, a window showcases tennis dresses from the 1970s when the brand started seriously producing women’s sportswear.

I’m hoping the display comes to California some time, so I can see it, myself.