Deciphering The Model Number on a Lacoste Price Tag

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Lacoste pink poloIf you buy a legitimate Lacoste shirt, it’s price tage should have a model number, made up of 4 parts. For men’s shirts, the model number should begin with one of these codes:

L1212 – short sleeve pique
L1312 – long sleeve pique

For women’s shirts, the model number should begin with one of these codes:

PF168 or PF168E – short sleeve stretch pique
PF368E – classic long sleeve pique

The next part of the model number  is a two digit number representing where the shirt is manufactured. In the US, it should be 51, meaning the shirt was made in Peru.  There are different numbers for India and Europe.

The third part of the model number is a three digit  or letter code representing the cole. Some examples of colors are:

001 – white
031 – black
166 – navy
107 – yellow
240 – red
132 – green
476 – bordeaux
TO3 – flamingo
NSX – lawn green
TO1 – till blue
8LX – pearl
NXU – coastal blue
CBK – aegean blue

Lastly, there is a two digit code representing the size, as follows:

T3 – XS
T4 – S
T5 – M
T6 – L
T7 – XL
T8 – XXL

Thus, a Men’s short sleeve pique yellow Peru made shirt in size small should read: L1212 51 107 T4